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Re-visiting an old friend

Real-Life Kantei of swords: Oei Bizen Swords What we read and what we see.

Bizen Yamashiro Tanto

Comparison study of two swords

Real-Life kantei-of swords , part 10: A real challenge : kantei Wakimono Swords

Real-Life kantei-of swords, part 10: Addendum to the article “Real challenge -kantei Wakimono Swords "

Real-Life kantei-of swords , part 11: A small mystery revisited.

Enju Wakazashi from the Kamakura period

Real-Life Kantei of swords #12: A very interesting Shinshinto tanto with an unusual tsukuri komi

Real Life Kantei of swords #13: Examining an interesting fake

kantei as a learnig tool

Real Life Kantei swords 14: A much loved sword

Real Life Kantei of swords 15: Is it Japanese ?

Resurrection. Definition- Rising from the dead, rebirth, Restoration.


A Katana attributed to Yamato Taima.

Outside the comfort zone (study of an Osaka Ishido Wakazashi)

A sword By Yamato Tegai Kanenaga

Real-Life Kantei of swords #17, Yamato Swords

Real Life Kantei of swords #16: About the position of the mekugi ana in the nakago

A sword By Oei Osafune Yasumitsu

A sword Attributed to Yamato Senjuin

A sword By Oei Osafune Yasumitsu part II

A Katana attributed to Hojoji Yoshitsugu

Ripples in a stream
A Katana attributed to Naoe Shizu

A sword signed Kotetsu

A Tanto by Iyetsugu “Kaga Aoe” 

But is it Art?


Jigane is key

Juyo index

Swords that we like

Swords that we like: 2) Tsuneiye

A Journey of discovery with a Tadayoshi

The journey of an almost lost cause by Peter McCafferty

Appreciation of Koto Bizen – focus on Ichimonji

Swords of the Yamato tradition

A Tanto signed Rai Kuniyoshi来国吉

A Daisho by an often overlooked master

A Tanto attributed to the Mihara School

Relooking at attribution.

A sword by Izumi no Kami Kaneshige 和泉守兼重

A sword attributed to Yamato Tegai

A study of the Yamashiro tradition (山城伝) and it’s legacy

A Daisho mounted in a classic Autumnal themed Koshirae.

A Bizen well mounted Daisho.