Future Online meetings:

We have now completed three virtual meetings using the zoom platform. These have been very well attended and the feedback positive so we would like to confirm the following:

  • We intend to continue with a full programme of virtual meetings. This will continue after we are able to resume our normal London, regional and museum meetings and should be seen as an addition to our programme of activities. During current restrictions we will attempt to hold a virtual meeting every 6 weeks or so
  • We have tried two formats, the first comprising a formal presentation followed by questions and answers, the second a more general interactive meeting to enable members to discuss items from their own collections. Both worked well and we intend to continue with them with some slight modification.
  • Formal-presentations:- Presentations on a pre-arranged topic will last between 20 and 40 minutes. This will be followed by a Q&A session. During the presentation participants will be muted but can signal if they have an urgent question. Otherwise questions will be dealt with after the presentation. The presentations will be recorded and made available to members and other invited guests for 30 days after recording. To protect the privacy of participants the   Q&A session will not be recorded.
  • For the open discussion meetings we would ask members to send photographs of the item they wish to discuss to the meeting moderator. We believe this will prove more beneficial than trying to view pieces live via laptops and tablets. For future meetings we will limit ourselves to 10 items to ensure each has adequate time for discussion. These meetings will not be recorded.


The next two meetings are scheduled as listed below:


11/09/2020                      Mike Hickman-Smith  Urushi techniques

24/10/2020                      Michael Spasov              Hamon.

The basic rules for participation remain unchanged and are listed below:

  • Virtual meetings will be available to all fully paid-up members of the society. This year’s subscriptions were due at the beginning of April. If you have yet to pay your subscriptions please do so to ensure you are eligible for these meetings and to receive the magazine. 
  • We will announce when meetings will be held on our website, the Facebook page and via email. The maximum number of participants will vary depending on the type of meeting. This will be confirmed in notifcations of each meeting.
  • As with our regional meetings taking part will be determined on a first come first served basis. If you wish to take part in a meeting you need to email our secretary to book a place.For participants to access a session, they need to have provided a valid email address (preferably the one with which they are registered with the ToKen Society) so that a video session link can be sent by the host to them. Once the host has opened the call at the designated time, participants can click on the link, which should open an in-browser session

As with all meetings we would like to establish a code of conduct. We have listed the basic rules of participation below:

  • Respect for fellow participants: - Apply the same standards of behaviour you would in a normal meeting. We expect participants to be courteous and respectful at all times in line with our published code of conduct.
  • Be Patient: - It is more difficult to understand what people are thinking when communicating on line. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Be Collaborative: - share knowledge and ideas. Participate, the greater the interaction the more we can all gain from the process.
  • Support: - For many of us the use of this technology is new and a little daunting please be supportive as we learn to use it effectively.
  • Dress appropriately:- Remember you are on Camera. Please ensure those parts of you that are visible are appropriately dressed!

Protocol for meetings:

When mailing links to participants we will also send a link to a short tutorial outlining the basic functions of zoom. Based on our initial experience we would like to include the following operational rules:

-please mute your microphone while the presenter speaks. Zoom switches the main screen of the session to the source of sounds. So if a participant makes any noise the on-screen image will switch to them (that could include coughing, paper shuffling, door screeching, etc)

- if you wish to ask questions or make comments, we recommend that these are recorded using the chat option displayed on screen. Questions will be addressed at the end of the presentation, unless the speaker opens the floor to comments/questions.

- if you wish to ask the question verbally on screen, please raise a ‘virtual hand’ by using the hand emoji in the menu

- if you wish to share content with participants, please ensure you are comfortable for them to see your screen (if unsure, close down other programs)

Details of where to find these options on PC, MAC and mobile phone will be sent to participants with the other instructions.

The Token Society’s London meetings are held at Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, schedule: 18:30

Meetings will be held at a new venue.

Address is Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DR.

Public Transport

By bus:numbers 73, 29, 134, 10, 24, 68, 168, 73, 188, 91, 59 stop in the surrounding streets of Tottenham Court Road, Gower Street or Russell Square.

By London Underground:Russell Square (Piccadilly Line), Tottenham Court Road (Central Line), Goodge Street (Northern Line), Warren Street (Victoria Line), Euston Square (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metrolpolitan Lines).

By rail:Euston, Kings Cross, St Pancras are local mainline stations.


Due to the current restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to postpone our London and regional meetings and our planned Museum study days. As soon as we are able we will reschedule these events and look forward to resume a full and varied programme.

Please visit this page for further updates.

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