Membership runs from the 5th of April and costs £30 for the first year and £25 for subsequent years.

Message from the Membership Secretary:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please find below the procedures for becoming a member of the To-Ken Society as well as renewing your annual membership.

Code of Practice

When you open the membership applicaion form below you will see a 12 point code of conduct. This is a code of good practice, which we believe to be applicable to any collector or user of Japanese swords. It is essential for us all to acknowledge, endorse and act in accordance with these guidelines. They are set out in order that we may continue to collect and study Japanese swords with impunity and to demonstrate that we do this in a responsible and safe manner.

Membership subscriptions

If you download and sign the guidelines document, and return it with a £30 subscription, to the address shown below, you will be added to the To-Ken Society’s database and issued with a membership card. Please note that our membership year runs for twelve months from April. 

Annual Membership is renewable on the 6th April, for a further £25 per annum. It is possible to renew existing memberships by a bank transfer and we shall provide bank details to existing members upon request.

Posession of a membership card confirms that you have read and abide by the code of conduct described in the application form.

Please download your copy of the guidelines document and forward completed registration to:

Click here to download the application form