code of conduct

The Token Society of Great Britain welcomes participation from members of all ethnicities and genders. We are brought together by a shared interest in Japanese swords and related art forms.

As the Society grows and encompasses a more diverse range of interests Our Membership will include those with many years experience in the field and those just starting on the journey. To ensure the continued health and growth of the Society established members will offer help and support to novices when required. The only rule we apply without exception is that all artefacts and all members new and old are treated with respect and courtesy.

Any member who has concerns that we are not fully meeting the standards outlined above should contact a member of the committee.  We are all students of Nihonto. As our society grows we have a duty to behave in a respectful manner, to support The Society’s ongoing activities and to help us make sure the study of this fascinating area of history continues for many years to come.


Under normal circumstances we do not encourage the sale of items at our evening meetings. Our regional meetings, which are longer do often include a sales table. We would ask any member selling items to abide by our stated code of practice:


  • Items should be accurately described and the origin of any attribution clearly stated.
  • In the absence of any official authentication the seller must offer a clear description and any details of origin they have.
  • No member may use their membership or association with the Token Society to imply any   form of endorsement of their own abilities or the authenticity of their stock.



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