Policy Statement

Policy Statement / Disclaimer

This is to clarify and define the position of the To-ken Society of Great Britain in regard to the possible commercial implications of its existence. As all members are aware, the To-ken Society of Great Britain was formed as a non-profit making organisation whose purpose remains the study and preservation of Japanese swords and associated items, such as Japanese armour and sword fittings. This includes the entire spectrum of collecting and preservation and naturally includes polishing, lacquering, tsukamaki, saya making etc. etc a considerable amount of which, is practised by highly skilled artisans, outside of Japan.

As such I would make it clear that we do not, as a Society, endorse or favour any dealers, restorers, agents or other bodies, which may be trading in this market. Of course, individually we may recommend a polisher, for instance, but this is a personal matter and not the business of the Society (the only exception to this may be when we publish a book review, which may be favourable or otherwise). Further, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, including financial loss, that any member may incur when transacting business with a commercial body or individual. It is up to each member to take the necessary precautions themselves and to exercise the necessary caution.

It may be that we occasionally accept a paid for advertisement from a trader, which may appear in printed form or on our website. These advertisements will be clearly separate from our normal editorial text. This also does not form an endorsement. Finally, providing a link on our website should also not be taken as any kind of endorsement or recommendation, rather it is a convenience to the membership.

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